Laboratory Fume Cupboard Testing

In the current environment where health and safety is of prime importance within educational establishments, Dukeries Environmental Testing aims to assist health and safety representatives in their compliance with legislative requirements.


The legislation regarding the testing of fume cupboards may be summarised in Regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (C.O.S.H.H), which requires that all control measures are properly maintained and that a thorough examination and test is undertaken by a competent person at specified regular intervals. In the case of laboratory fume cupboards the examinations and tests must be performed at least once every 14 months.


Dukeries Environmental Testing maintains a team of dedicated inspection engineers with extensive experience of testing and servicing laboratory fume cupboards of any specification.


In most cases a quotation can be arranged over the phone, but for more detailed installations a site visit may be required.


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